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I am the Founder, Creator and Designer of Floral Neverland. My name is Olivia Wang. While I was studying at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, I fell in love with the campus gardens. The gorgeous flowers blooming in the summer around the castle made me feel like I was walking through a fairy tale.

I want summer to stay. I want her to dance all year round. That is why I began to preserve real flowers and make exquisite accessories with them. My work let me capture a piece of that beauty and share it with everyone. So I started Floral Neverland - a place where all flowers are blossoming everywhere and all the time. When you look at your phone I want you to be reminded of all the beauty there is in our world and I hope it can bring you peace as those gardens once brought to me.

Every piece in our collection has been meticulously crafted by hand with real flowers so no two are perfectly alike. They are as unique as you are. Handmade with Love in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"The earth laughs in flowers."